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It is with great enthusiasm that Eureka launches its new “Eureka Volume 7” product catalog! At the same time we are also launching a new revamped website and a new price list format. Both tools are made to facilitate specification of our products while being a true representation of our brand. We’re sure you will like it!

Our Eureka V7 Catalog & Website features:

• 24 new product designs of which over 60% are LED (see page 8 of the new catalog, with the only exception of the Area that will be March 1st, 2012)

• We have retrofitted many of our current products to include LED as a preferred light source option. As of now, over 50% of all our products are LED!

• New Acrylic Shade options for our top sellers: Silene and Fasil families of products.

• Washable “Trilam” Shades option for most of our Linen shade products.

• Many Emergency Battery and Remote Emergency Battery options have been added.

• Many Dimming CFL and T5 options such as Advance Mark 7, Advance Mark 10, Lutron HI-Lume 3D, Lutron Ecosystem are now standard options.

• New Product Ordering Nomenclature that will reflect in the catalog, website, price list, spec sheets and also on sales orders and packing slips.