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February 11th 2010 - The results of the 2010 Grafika competition we’re revealed last week and we are proud to announce that our latest catalogue, designed by the Montreal-based graphic design firm Paprika, has won the Prize in the Printed Media section for Commercial Catalogues.

With a contrasting matte and high gloss finish cover available in black and white, the Eureka V6 catalogue caught the jury’s attention thanks to its distinct communicative and aesthetic qualities. And to mention a few of the noted features : the punched tab section dividers, the grid of bookmark stickers to identify products, the simple and intuitive product specification system as well as the streamlined graphic composition that highlights product content through predominant images.

In collaboration with Bivouac Studio, responsible for computer graphics, and Franza International, responsible for printing, Paprika oversaw the creative direction and the artistic direction of the catalogue. We extend our thanks to all of them for the graphic foundation to the success of our new collection, and also extend our congratulations to them for the recognition of their work. For full details about the Prize (nb French only):
The results